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This is definitely one resolution I can stick with. In fact, it might spiral very quickly out of control. Just so I can be ready, does anyone have the number for Decorators Anonymous? Maybe they meet every week in Bed, Bath & Beyond? Because that would be perfect.

I am so ridiculously excited to finally have a curtain above our living room sliding door! I’ve looked for one on and off for a long time, but could never seem to find exactly what I had in mind. I really wanted something that matched the cranberry color of the pillows, but didn’t block much of the sunlight since it’s the only window in our living room.

I found several different options at Ann & Hope Curtain and Bath Outlet over the weekend. I really think the trick was bringing my mom shopping with me. Moms are magic! Here is the one we settled on:


I only bought the valance (top piece), and that is not my living room, but I have to tell you about one other project before I can reveal pics of my own!

So once the curtain was up, I tackled the area behind the couch. You might remember that it had some small posters centered behind it, but not much else.


Those photos were all store-bought years ago, and Dan and I have never been to any of those places (although we would LOVE to!), so I wanted to change it up and have something a little more personal.

We bought a wall decal when we first moved into our apartment, and because I am the Queen of Projects Never Finished, we never hung it up. With Dan’s help, I finally put it up last night.


What do you think?

All of the photos surrounding the quote are ones that I’ve taken myself and, sticking with the theme of the quote, are things that make my happy.



I really like the way that it came out, I’m just afraid that it’s still too small for that large wall space, but it’s something I can easily add more photos to if I decide to.

I also bought new pillows for the couch just because the ones in these photos are getting old and gross. The new ones haven’t been delivered yet, but they’re pretty similar to the ones I already have, so that won’t be a big change.


Still fun to buy something new though!

We still need something to hang over Dan’s desk area, something on either side of a large bookcase, and something to the right of the sliding doors. And a new pillow for the other couch. And a runner for the coffee table. And everything inside HomeGoods.

But for now, I’m very happy to have a living room that actually looks lived in and cozy!


Do you like it? Do you want to come shopping for more with me? How about tonight? Target at 7pm? Perfect, I’ll be there at 5.

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