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Normally I pull my resolution from the jar on Sunday and post here letting you know what I chose. You might notice that today is Monday.

On Sunday, I pulled a resolution from the jar, but then I went to a family party. There was punch. Adult punch. Do we see where this is going?

Sooooomeone had a little too much of said punch and then soooooomeone was in no condition to blog, although they did make an attempt at a Facebook status that included about 40% actual words and started with the number 8.

So here we are now on Monday and I’m letting you know that my resolution for the week is not to drink punch. And also, this:


I don’t think that I’ve updated my own resume in four or five years, and while I’m not actively looking for a new job, I know that it can’t hurt to see what’s out there. As of this week, I’ve been at my current position for ten years, and I’m pretty comfortable there, so this is really more of an exercise in resume-writing for those “just in case” scenarios.

Speaking of those, Dan was laid off last week, so this is perfect timing because I may be able to tweak my resolution and help him update his resume and search for jobs as well. He’s done a lot of work on his resume already and it’s looking 100x times better, especially for someone in a creative field.

In case you’re wondering, I know the word “resume” is supposed to have all kinds of accent marks or something over the letters, but I never learned how to make those on a keyboard. Guess that won’t be going on the resume…

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