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What is your dream job? The one thing you would happily do every day, even it if paid very little. Mine would be a Traveling Event Planner Blogger Photographer Food-Tester. I’m not entirely sure that would fit on a business card though.
Even though I don’t really work in any of those fields, I do enjoy (shockingly) the job I have. Sometimes it’s repetitive, sometimes I have bad days, and sometimes I want to storm out and never come back, but for the most part I really enjoy working with numbers, solving problems, and playing with spreadsheets. I’m not really looking for a new job because I’m pretty comfortable where I am.

That being said, it was about time I updated my resume a little bit to reflect my current position and my master’s degree. Instead of updating the hard copy of my resume (since I’m not very serious about job-searching right now), I revamped my LinkedIn profile instead.


This article was pretty helpful. The only thing I still need is a more recent picture of myself, but the ones I have don’t look very professional.

I plan to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date and every so often I will look around to see what’s out there, or what I might be interested in for the future. Feel free to find me and add me as a contact, or even leave a recommendation or endorsement if you’d like. I promise I will return the favor!

Even before I picked this resolution, I had been wanting to redo both mine and Dan’s resumes. I loved the look of something like this:


Sadly, I think that’s a little too crazy for any position I would be applying for. But it was perfect for Dan who works in a creative field, so he used some of these templates as inspiration for his own new resume. And while I’m pimping Dan out, check out his portfolio and demo reel. Unlike me, he is currently on the hunt for a new job, so any leads would be very helpful to us both!

And I suppose if you can find me a job as a Dog-Walking Mathematician Ice Cream Specialist, I would take it.

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