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I didn’t realize how perfect this week’s choice was until I just started writing this.


Which is super easy because Thursday night Dan and I will be here painting another drunken masterpiece. We went once before and painted the Zakim Bridge at night. I think they came out quite well and I’m sure the wine had everything to do with that.


This time we have our own bottle of wine, as opposed to the small glass we each had last time, so I’m sure these next two paintings will be museum-worthy.

Speaking of museums, I would like to do something else artsy since the art bar feels a bit like cheating, as it was already planned before I drew my resolution this week. I’m not a big fan of history, or actual art, so I suppose a museum wouldn’t really work unless it was the science museum, which isn’t art, so nevermind. Clearly I need help with this one. Maybe this? Or this? Maybe a play, or a festival of some sort, or a foreign film, or interesting exhibit? Leave me a comment if you know of anything going on this week!

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