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Stepping out of my comfort zone actually went really well. At least, I think it did. People may have laughed at me or pointed at me, but since I didn’t hear it or see it, I’m saying it went well.

I started the week on Wednesday by taking the day off and going to the beach with my family. This had already been planned a few days in advance, but I kept telling everyone I didn’t have a bathing suit and would just wear shorts and a tank. That’s actually a giant lie because I have 4 bathing suits: 2 one-piece things that I think were meant for women far older than myself (one even has a skirt!), and 2 bikinis that I wouldn’t dare to put on anymore, but can’t bear to throw away since, hello, those things are expensive! And of course I’m going to fit into it again some day after I have kids, eat my way through every Italian restaurant and bakery, and get to the gym more frequently than annually. A girl can dream. BIG.

In the spirit of this week, however, I decided to go to the beach in my one-piece. With the skirt. And the giant white flowers. Obviously there are no pictures of this, but if you’re looking for embarrassing photos, you won’t be too disappointed if you read on. I honestly didn’t feel that uncomfortable at the beach, especially since I was only with family, but I didn’t want any visual evidence that this had made it out of my drawer.


It’s not an ugly suit really, it just makes me mourn my bikini days a little bit and wish that I had appreciated them while they existed.

The next day I decided to go to dinner alone. Party of One.


Can you believe all those rolls?! For ONE person! Actually, everything I got was rather large and delicious. This was an appetizer:


About 80% of that came home with me, including all those extra rolls. I had a small salad, too. It cancelled everything else out.

When I first sat down, I did feel a little weird and self-conscious. Actually, I felt that way right when I walked in and the hostess said “how many?” and I responded “just me!”

Once I sat down though, I actually really enjoyed it and found it a nice way to relax after a long work day. It helped that there weren’t very many other people in the restaurant, and by the time I left, there was a woman across from me sitting alone reading a book. I hadn’t thought about bringing a book, so I mostly entertained myself by staring at the TV or my phone. Definitely something I would do again and not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds!

For my final day (finished my week in 3 days with time to spare, wooo!!), I decided to go a little nuts with my makeup. Not Drew Carey’s Mimi style, but just a little bit of red lipstick. I never really wore much lipstick until recently, but since I’ve become obsessed with beauty videos on YouTube, I’ve been experimenting a little more. I shy away from bright colors usually, with the exception of a summery pink, because I don’t really like my smile and would rather not draw attention to it. Also, they just kind of…scare me?

Speaking of scary, here’s that picture I promised. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone…eeek. When I was first getting ready, I thought I looked a little clownish.


But once I got ready, it didn’t look quite so shocking. It kind of faded to a deep pink.


I’m not very good at selfies. Because I’m not 17.

So there’s my week! Turns out all 3 things were really not that uncomfortable at all. I think that’s almost always the case when you try something new – it’s scary and a little off-putting at first, but once you’re knee-deep (or lip-deep!) into it, it feels pretty ok. Even a little bit fun 🙂

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