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It’s been a preeeeetty stress-free week so far. No tears, no yelling, no popping Klonopin in the middle of the day because I just.hate.everything. (It’s cool, I have a prescription).

Usually, by Friday night, I am so stressed out about the weekend and all its plans and errands and chores and lack of me-time that I have a mini-meltdown and start saying things like “I wish I had to work this weekend.” What the….? But it’s true. Some weekends are just so crazy full and busy that I almost wish I were at work where at least I’m getting paid to get through my to-do list. Where I get a lunch break, and where I go home at 5 and everything is done and forgotten…until the next day at least.

Doesn’t that sound like I have a disease of some sort? When I’m up to my eyeballs in budgets this November, I will have to re-read this post and remember just how much I like working. Right. Anyway.

This weekend was nothing like one of those weekends though. I went out on Friday night (nope, not a typo), which made the weekend seem just a little bit longer than usual, even though I was home early and tired. Saturday I had some time to relax before doing a sunset cruise around Boston Harbor with some friends.


Seriously? That view.

And Sunday, I was possessed by some productive demon and had about 43 things accomplished by 12pm. I even did Dan’s chores so he could spend some more time with family visiting and do a little freelance work. I did them and I didn’t even complain! Although, I did let him know that he owes me one. I wear a size 7.5 shoe, Dan.

I’m really trying harder not to stress about all the little, mundane things, but I will admit, it’s pretty difficult because we’ve had a lot of plans all summer long, and still have fairly full weekends right up through the holidays. Sometimes I just want to say no to everything and sit at home with a book and some tea. For weeks.

But it’s mostly fun stuff, so I should really be saying “no” to the unfun stuff. Like dishes and cleaning bathrooms and food shopping. Well, maybe not “no”. Maybe just “wait a minute, I’m not done having fun.”

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