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It kind of wasn’t so great.

It started off really well and I would keep announcing to Dan how I “hadn’t been on Facebook more than once all day!” or “I didn’t log in to my email until lunch time”. Both things felt pretty refreshing at the time…until later on that night when I spent 30 minutes getting back to where I left off in my news feed. Or until I opened gmail to 37 messages (I made that number up and I’m a bit of a an exaggerator, so…).

I’ve kind of decided (and quickly) that I like being plugged in. The only times that I really don’t enjoy it is when I’m trying to finish something else and the internet is SO distracting with it’s Pinterest outfits and YouTube videos of goats, or when I’m at work and feel like I have to respond to personal emails right away or know what’s going on at all times. In that sense, I do plan to unplug a bit more and enjoy the “me” time and productivity.


Ooo, semi-related side note: I’ve started a little game for myself on the weekends where I do one “unfun thing” like emptying the trash or folding laundry, followed by one “fun thing” like watching 20 minutes of a show on Netflix or reading a book. I am definitely more productive when I allow myself that little treat in between rather than overwhelming myself with a to-do list that makes me feel like I will never have time for fun things again EVER. (Who’s an exaggerator?)

But when I’m bored, there’s not a whole lot I can do while standing in line or sitting in the passenger seat of a car other than crush some candies and read some blogs.


That right there is a testament to how not unplugged I was this week. That wrench is what happens when you play all 410 levels of Candy Crush and there are no more (yet). Last level?! Are you kidding me? Torn between wanting more levels and wanting my life back.

A second realization for the week: I pretty much do EVERYthing online. I shop, pay bills, research things, organize, make money, read, socialize, and watch TV/movies. So while I think it’s nice to put the phone down when I’m feeling overwhelmed and not be reachable for a bit, I honestly can’t be as productive or on top of things without the internet. Or entertained. There are only so many books and magazines in the world (which I did read several of this week!) It’s just such a part of life now that I honestly feel worse and less in control when I remove it.

So my new goal is moderation. When I’m really busy at work, I need to let those emails go until I get home, or reply to texts with a simple “hey, I’ll call you later!”

And is there a parental control for Pinterest? I need some parental control. Or just control in general.

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