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Had a little trouble sticking to the Sunday & Wednesday posting schedule this week. Hopefully you didn’t notice, but it’s actually my resolution’s fault: Sunday night, when I would normally be posting, I was out with a friend at a haunted corn maze, and Wednesday night I was out getting froyo (shocking.) with a couple friends. My 90-year-old-girl brain can’t handle doing more than one thing in a night, so…no blog.

But I’m here now! And I definitely succeeded this week with my resolution to get together with old friends. Er…young friends. Who I’ve known for a long time. 4-Eva. Or at least since 4-Eva was an actual thing you wrote in notes and then folded up in little squares to hand to each other between classes.

Right. Back to 2013. So on Monday, I met a friend for a walk around a local lake.


We chatted and walked for over an hour, and then we also talked about plans for the next time we meet up, which will be in a few weeks. Surprisingly, the first date we picked in November was wide open for all four of us girls, so the whole group will be getting together again in a short time.

This was another one of those resolutions that didn’t really feel like a resolution. Some of them have certainly been a little on the boring side, or felt more like a chore, but this was definitely a favorite! I think the “resolution” part of it really involves just doing it more often!

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