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This is one I will admit I am really bad at sometimes.


I’m fortunate enough to still be close with several of my high school girlfriends, but we don’t see each other as much as I would like. It’s not really anyone’s fault, but…well, actually, it IS someone’s fault. Life.

Most of us have moved away from our hometown, some farther than others, and it makes getting together a lot more of a planned occasion rather than just a quick meetup. Add in jobs, kids, family functions, vacations, and the rest of Life’s other little sidekicks and those planned visits become fewer and farther apart.

That being said, my favorite part is always being amazed that even after months of not speaking to or seeing each other, things go right back to how they were 20 years ago – lots of laughs, funny stories, and making memories.

I think the only thing that’s different really is the lack of scrunchies.


So after this week, I hope to have either seen some old friends, or made some plans to get together real soon!

We might even talk about boys.

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