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Earlier this week I had visions of a sparkling clean apartment, kind of like the ones in commercials where you can see yourself in every surface and a trail of cartoon flowers follow you around from room to room.
Yeah that didn’t happen.

But I did clean a couple of things that don’t normally (or ever) get touched during routine cleaning sprees. I wish I could have tackled more, but it’s just so discouraging to clean things that end up dirty again a few weeks, hours, or minutes later. I used to clean my first apartment from top to bottom every weekend, but slowly I began realizing that the dust bunnies were always going to win.

I gave them a good fight this week, though. I wiped down each and every one of our kitchen cabinets, as well as the microwave, dishwasher, and oven doors. Those usually only get washed when something spills on them, which actually happens fairly often, but this is the first instance since we moved in where they have ever all been clean at the same time.


I frequently wipe paw prints off of our windows (and everything ever), but I have never cleaned the outer side of them since our apartment complex has them power washed every year. Unfortunately, this year they ended up looking like the photo below after the power washing. Yes, after.


Even more unfortunately, I wasn’t able to clean that off since only the bottom half of our windows fold in and that’s on the very top. I’m sure there may be some way to reach it, but I wasn’t in the mood to fight with a stuck screen and dangle 4 stories up with a bottle of Windex and a paper towel.


So while there are no trails of flowers or sparkles, the rest of the windows are squeaky clean inside and out, as is all of our bedding, including the mattress pad and extra blankets.

For about 5 minutes.

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