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Remember when I said “This week is going to be so easy!”? Good, because I don’t either. I try to forget most of the stupid things I say.

It wasn’t necessarily hard, but I guess one could say that I cheated a bit and counted things with fruit or vegetable flavors as actual fruits and vegetables. I’m pretty sure that on any given day during this last week, I did not eat 5 actual, raw fruits or vegetables. I did, however, have a lot of pumpkin-flavored waffles, cherry-rhubarb jam, and apple cider.

I forgot all about my resolution until after 5pm last Wednesday, so I had to scramble to put a dinner together that would get me close enough to 5 fruits and/or veggies. We ended up with Trader Joe’s Eggplant Towers, corn, and mango slices. With cider, of course.


I hear there is some discussion about whether corn is a vegetable or a grain, but as long as this bag says it’s a vegetable, I’m counting it as part of my 5.


For the first few days, I found it easy to get my 5 fruits & veggies (as long as I counted the items where fruit was an ingredient as opposed to the only ingredient). So much so that I stopped writing down every meal on paper because I was confident I was eating way more than 5 each day.

And then Sunday happened.

Sunday. The Day of Rest. The Day of Not Showering or Moving Off the Couch Because You’re In the Middle of Your Own Breaking Bad Marathon. The Day of Eating Pasta for Lunch and Ordering Pizza for Dinner While Snacking on Pirate’s Booty ALL Day. At least there were tomatoes on my pizza?

After that little…er, mishap, I paid Trader Joe’s a visit on Monday to make sure that I wouldn’t be stuck without fruit again if I couldn’t (um, wouldn’t) leave the house all day.


And then it was back to smooth sailing for those last two days. Plenty of salads with carrots and cranberries, wraps with tomatoes and peppers, and froyo with strawberries and blackberries.



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