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This should come as no surprise to anyone here, but I am someone who likes to plan. I like to know what I’m doing for the weekend by Thursday night and I may or may not (read: always do) freak out when something comes up unexpectedly.

Have I mentioned that I’m a lot of fun to be around?

This week’s resolution is going to require me to do something on the spur of the moment. No planning, no scheduling, just a lot of spontaneity.


Immediately my mind wants to plan all the things I could do this week – all the places I could “spontaneously” take off to after work, all of the things I could surprise Dan with, and all of changes I could make, but I’m trying not to go there.

And I’m actually kind of excited!

Even if I won’t be making it to Nebraska.

2 Comments on [Resolutions] – Planning to Be Spontaneous

  1. My hubby and I plan secret dates for each other a few times a year. I love planning them, and also love being spontaneous on the days he has a secret date planned for me. It works for us and it’s really fun!

    • I’ve seen your posts about that, it looks like fun!! It’s hard to try not to plan something out, but hopefully we will end up somewhere exciting!