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Let’s talk about being spontaneous.

It’s expensive, but fun! It keeps me up late on work nights, but is totally worth it. It’s hard for a serial planner to get the hang of, but a great way to change things up.

Earlier last week, before this resolution began, I heard the tail end of an interview with Seth Meyers on the radio. Like the absolute tip-of-the-tail end because they were saying goodbye to him and throwing in a plug for his upcoming appearance in Boston.


I have loved Seth Meyers for years, and I try to catch him on SNL’s “Weekend Update” every Saturday night, but I didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that he was coming to Boston. It registered, but celebrities I like come to Boston all the time for concerts or shows and I just don’t have the time or money to see them all.

Fast forward to a few days later when I opened up to see him staring back at me with a link to buy tickets for his appearance that night. THAT night. And then fast forward again to about ten minutes later when I messaged Dan saying “um, we have plans tonight.”

Honestly, the tickets were not really that expensive, even though it was something that I hadn’t really budgeted for that week. The thing that gave me second thoughts was that the show started at 9:45 on a week night in a venue about 25 minutes away and we didn’t know if there was an opening act at that point either (there wasn’t)! If you’ve been following along, you know I’m normally in bed at this hour, so the spontaneous plans involving a late night and more than $20 were HUGE for me!


It was definitely worth it though and I would probably do it again if he ever comes back around. He was hilarious and both Dan and I laughed the entire time.

Then the weekend rolled around and we were driving back from a day trip thinking about what we would make for dinner (stir fry?) when I had the spontaneous idea to stop at Whole Foods and grab dinner from their prepared foods department.

We’ve both been there before and had even taken a tour of the newest local store, but we had never eaten there before, other than me putting together a small salad for lunch. I knew it could get expensive fast (it’s charged by the pound), so I kept mine fairly small, but I also added cookies, soup, and a drink. Dan did the opposite and filled his tray to the brim, but didn’t get any extras.


$48 later we left with full stomachs and happy mouths. Mm hmm, $48. For one meal. See, spontaneity is expensive! It’s also delicious and neither one of us regretted it.

Ironically, I “spontaneously” lost my debit card the next day (does anyone ever unspontaneously lose things?). (Is unspontaneously even a word?) (Is it even legal to use parenthesis this many times?) I think it was my card’s way of saying “settle down!” and it definitely worked.

Until Seth Meyers comes around again. Or this?

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