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I feel very productive this week!

I got rid of that leaning tower of bills and receipts that has been growing in the corner of our living room for two years now. We gained about a square foot of carpet space that actually appears clean!


I decided not to use the NeatReceipts because I feel like it’s one of those pieces of technology that seems as if it would make your life easier, but really creates more work. I know myself well enough to know that every time we get a car repair bill or a doctor’s office receipt, I’m not going to take out the scanner and the laptop and file it away somewhere on my hard drive. I am much more likely to take the 10 seconds to open a filing cabinet and throw it in there.


I know I might sound archaic, but I like paper. I don’t want to have to search through .pdf files to find a document I need. I took some time to create folders for everything we could possibly need, and now all these bills and receipts and statements have a home. Mostly all of our things are online now anyway, and all the really important stuff is in the safe, so I think this is definitely the easiest solution.

It also means I’m a jerk and I’m going to end up selling the gift Dan got for me, but I will use the money to take us on a nice weekend trip somewhere to make up for it. Pinky swear.

Another project that has been left untouched for an embarrassingly long time are the two shirts that needed a little bit of sewing. I think I wore one of them only once before it got tossed in a corner waiting for a new button. Both of those are now good as new and it feels like I went shopping without spending a penny!


A couple other things have been on my list of projects for quite some time and I took a few steps toward completing those also. The first is moving this blog to WordPress. I have been trying to do this for months and months, but ever since Google Reader went away, it seems like an impossible task, as there doesn’t seem to be any other way to transfer all of my posts and comments without losing anything. I sent out a few emails this week and hopefully someone smart can come up with a way so I can move forward with that project.

We also have a private photography lesson scheduled for Tuesday, which I have been meaning to do for for-EVER, as anyone who reads this blog knows. I can read all the books and tutorials I want, but there is nothing like hands-on experience.

Now that all of these things are done, I feel so accomplished! It motivates me to do more just so I can cross some things off my never-ending list.

One thing still baffles me though. If I’ve been so productive this week, why is this still here?


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