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Ok, so…

You guys probably remember that my weeks start on Wednesday and go through Tuesday. There is nothing showing on my Google calendar from Wednesday to Friday, but yet I don’t even remember what I did any of those nights. It wasn’t learning HTML though. It was probably some combination of cleaning, food shopping, internetting, cleaning, rinse, repeat.

The weekend? I don’t remember that either with the exception of Saturday night. If you were with me for any other part of it, please let me know what I did. I wasn’t drunk, I don’t have amnesia or dementia, I just….can’t remember. But I didn’t learn HTML.

Then on Monday I remembered that I only had two days left to fulfill this week’s resolution and I looked up a few things online about coding, but I think I then got distracted by searching Pinterest for Thanksgiving desserts and snacks. Side note – I’m making these:


By Tuesday night I had already worked 3.5 hours later than usual and had to stop at the grocery store on the way home to fight the Thanksgiving crowds. It wasn’t too bad, but getting home at 7pm and then spending 25 minutes on the phone with your mom, making a veggie burger, cleaning cat litter (yay.), and catching up on emails doesn’t leave much time for learning HTML.

Oh, and then I spent over an hour researching one of these:


I NEEEEEEED one of those. Santa, if you’re reading this, make it happen. Please. It’s like Lisa Frank for grown-ups (am I allowed to even call myself that?)

So there was no learning happening this week. I failed and got a big, fat F on this one. Resolutions were not made for holiday weeks during your busy time at work. I do think I will eventually learn this, though, because I am pretty close to being able to transfer this blog over to WordPress soon and I will need to know a few basic things in order to tweak my theme the way I want it to look.

For now, I’m just going to seriously look into parental controls on Pinterest.

Nope, not a grown up.

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