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Thanksgiving is going to make this one seem simple this week, but we’ll just count that as a bonus.


This one is hard for me sometimes because I live 100 miles away from either of my parents and all of my siblings. The majority of my family (grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins…) still lives within a half hour of each other near the town where I grew up, so they are able to get together more frequently than I am and I find myself missing out on movie nights, baseball games, birthday parties, and other smaller get-togethers.

Basically the distance means that spending time with my family involves an entire day trip planned in advance instead of a spontaneous visit, and when weekends seem to be so crazy during the summer and holiday season (which is pretty much like 3/4 of the year), it’s hard to set aside an entire day to make it out there and then try to see everyone in the short amount of time that I’m there.

I’ve tried to be better about this over the course of the year by inviting my family to breakfast or ice cream when I’m nearby, stopping to watch the Pats game with my dad, or changing plans to meet up with my sister when she came out my way recently. Every time ends up being a lot of fun, so I definitely want to make those times happen more often. I’m thinking of hosting a family game day, maybe planning a Christmas Eve meetup, or even looking into a family vacation for next year!

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