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I need to stop with the puns. I really don’t think I can though.

So gift-giving week was a lot of fun! I wish I could have done more (Halloween treats in people’s mailboxes at work, sending packages to friends, etc.) but that’s the biggest problem with smushing your resolutions into one week – there is not enough time to do everything! This is one that I will definitely be trying to continue throughout the year though.

The fact that I had a friend with a birthday this week made it almost too easy. I would also like to point out that this friend is older than me and always will be older. It wasn’t so fun when she was 16 and I couldn’t drive yet, or when she was 21 and I couldn’t drink, but it certainly is fun now! For me.


Then the Red Sox won the World Series this week and made my gift-giving even easier! I bought one of these t-shirts for my friend and another for Dan to wear to the parade.


I didn’t go to the parade because I was visiting some high school friends back in my hometown (as a result of a previous resolution!), but I used that as an opportunity to bring another gift to my mom. There is a bagel chain with a store down the street from me, and people wait in line for 30+ minutes just to get a bagel and coffee in the morning. I’ve done it myself many times, including this past weekend. Instead of bagels, my mom really loves their pickles, so I brought her a few of those.


The last gift is the one I mentioned here as part of a little giveaway. Only three people commented, so the odds for the three of you were very good! I wrote all three names (can I say “three” a few more times?) on little slips of paper, folded them up, and then stuck them in the cookie jar because shockingly that happened to be empty.


I think the winner will really appreciate my choice of container.


Congrats Kel!!

Gift-giving week wasn’t totally selfless however. Starting today, Nordstrom was giving an 8-piece gift with any $30 purchase at Clinique, so I got a few presents for myself as well! Hmm, there’s gotta be a pun there….presents…presence….presentable….nope, can’t think of one. I’m not that gift-ed. Ha.


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