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Not gonna lie, this one won’t stress me out or bore me at all.


I have so many ideas for this one, but first on the list is to either get or give myself a pedicure. Right now I have flakes of purple nail polish left on 8 or 9 toes from several weeks ago. Except for my big toe, which has bright orange streaks as a result of testing out a new polish a few days ago. If you’re looking for a picture, you can just stop right now.

So yeah, that’s on the list. I’ve been thinking about getting a facial as well, but I’m a little nervous because I’ve never had one before. Does anyone remember the “Sex and the City” episode where Samantha had a chemical peel and looked like she was a burn victim? Kind of afraid of that.

Samantha-peel (1){source}

I watch too much TV and pretend that it’s real life.

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