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I feel like it might be Groundhog Day. Not yet? Well then these resolutions are definitely starting to repeat themselves.


It seems like I already did this one, but I guess technically the resolution was to Take a Class. That was so long ago now, but I don’t know why I chose to learn a language that week if I knew that one of my resolutions was to do the same thing. Maybe I envisioned myself becoming tri-lingual by the end of the year? I’m thinking not, since spell check is saying that tri-lingual is not even a word, so clearly I haven’t even mastered English yet.

Since this one feels a bit repetitive, and I did already take an 8-week Italian class this year, I’m going to change it up a little. Instead of learning a spoken language, I’m going to be teaching myself a little bit of HTML.

It actually will be somewhat useful to me since I’m in the process of moving this blog over to WordPress. While a lot of functions are available by clicking a button, I only know some basic HTML (from my MySpace days – does anyone else remember that?) and I’ve used it a little bit to underline or position some of my text, but I’d like to learn a little more so that I can edit the layout and homepage as well.


So that’s my goal for the week. That’s it. The end. Or should I say </blog post>?

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