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I’m feeling only mildly pampered this week.

I did give myself that pedicure that was so desperately needed. I decided on a sort of holiday-ish plum color with gold glitter. This is about as close as I want to get to my feet to share a photo:


Also, over the weekend this happened:


You guys are going to owe me some serious embarrassing material after this. I mean, c’mon, feet and a face mask in one post?

I tend to use a face mask once a week, or maybe every other week, so that’s not really anything out of the ordinary and it would be a stretch to call it “pampering myself”.

I didn’t end up getting a facial, but the problem with those are that…I don’t really think I would like them. I know. Who says that? I just really don’t enjoy people touching my face, or being out in public without at least a little bit of makeup on.

I’m the same way with massages. I’ve only had one, and it took me about 31 years to even try it. I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience, but I haven’t had one since and I wouldn’t be sad if I never did it again. I find it hard to relax when I’m worrying about someone pressing too hard on my muscles or, the opposite of that, tickling me. It doesn’t even really have anything to do with the fact that it’s a stranger touching me because I don’t like them when Dan tries either. I just don’t find someone squishing on my muscles relaxing, I think it feels uncomfortable, and I would rather someone just play with my hair for 90 minutes instead. Why aren’t there any Groupon deals for that one?

So anyway, those weren’t really an option for me since who wants to be pampered by doing something that you find unappealing? I guess I will have to work on this one and find some other ways to pamper myself. For now, this is doing the trick:


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