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I never told you what I chose for my “wild” week! I meant to add it in to my post on Sunday, but…I guess this week was just too wild for my memory.

I tossed around a few ideas, but then a friend suggested doing something that involved upcoming holidays – voting day, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day. Since voting day was over before this week technically began, and since the city I live in didn’t have anything to vote on, I decided not to use that one.

Then I talked myself out of Thanksgiving because, frankly, I find it kind of a boring holiday. Obviously it’s nice to think about the things you’re thankful for, and I enjoy spending the time with family, but the day itself is just a lot of driving and running around for me, which makes me miss football games and prime napping opportunities – kind of essential Thanksgiving things. I also don’t like turkey. I know, WHO AM I??

I personally get much more excited for the Christmas season, but I feel like it goes in stages. There’s the “It’s starting to get cold and I love the excuse to drink hot chocolate and wear sweaters and gloves” phase that kicks off the whole season. That’s when it’s fun and exciting and magical and all that crap. Then it slowly moves into “These stores need to stop playing Christmas music so early”, quickly followed by “How am I supposed to buy everything on this list without elves and reindeer to help me?!” By the time it gets to “Next year we are skipping Christmas and going on a tropical vacation!”, I’m all done.

While I love that Christmas is a month-long (or longer these days it seems!) celebration and involves much more than just that one day of family and gifts, I want something to help me appreciate more of the “Christmas spirit” instead of the chaos. So what I chose to do for this week’s resolutions was create a new holiday tradition.


And I used nearly every font in Microsoft Word to help me do so.

That, my friends, is my obnoxious-looking bucket list of 24 things for Dan and I to do from December 1st to Christmas Eve. Instead of stressing myself out by making it a rule to do one of these things every day, I’m going to say that there are NO rules except that by the time Christmas comes, I hope to have every one of these things checked off. The goal is mostly to just focus on and do the things that truly represent the joy of the holiday season to me.

Even though neither one of us are religious at all, Dan was brought up Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah with his family, so I felt like I should tie that in also. I’m currently on the hunt for one of these:


I kind of feel bad that Dan gets cheated out of a real holiday “season” since Hanukkah, even with it’s eight days, doesn’t get nearly as much fanfare as Christmas. And lets be honest, does anyone really celebrate Hanukkah for eight days? Right now we don’t even acknowledge it in our apartment, other than the one menorah ornament that we own and some Star of David garland, so this will be a nice way to represent both of our holiday traditions. Also, it’s LED and I’ve found that I can’t go wrong with anything LED for Dan. Plus I just realized that he actually gets to celebrate BOTH holidays with both of our families, so essentially gets double the holiday things, and now I don’t feel badly anymore.

Also, I may have gotten excited and already knocked 2 or 3 things off of that bucket list. Once it hits 32 degrees, all bets are off and Christmas things are totally ok in my book.

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