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So I have been seeing gift guides everywhere I look lately: in magazines, on some of my favorite blogs, even in news segments. Some of them have great ideas that I hadn’t thought of and I was inspired to share some of my own ideas. Mostly though, I just had a lot of fun putting this post together and making the graphic below!

Everything you see below is either an item that I bought for someone on my list or something that I would want to receive myself. Ill let you guess which is which 😉 Here we go!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

  1. Phone Case – Everyone has a cell phone these days, so you can’t go wrong with a cute case (actually, I guess you could go wrong if you don’t know what model phone they have, so make sure you find out first!). Etsy has some great ones that range from quirky to glittery to fun. I’m really loving the pay phone one and may even buy that for myself!
  2. Gift Cards – I have a thing against gift cards and I really don’t know why. I hate buying them as gifts because I feel like it’s not very personal, but I love receiving them because it’s basically like a plastic shopping spree. A lot of people on my list specifically request gift cards, so I’ve bought a lot more of them in recent years. Something like Amazon, Target, or Phantom Gourmet (if you’re local) always work if you don’t have a specific store in mind.
  3. Candles – I am obsessed with these. This is clearly one that’s on my own list, but I have bought them for others as well. Winter Candy Apple? SO. Freaking. Good.
  4. Subscription Boxes – A subscription box would be like the gift that keeps on giving! Whoever you gift it to will receive a package in the mail to enjoy for many months after Christmas. Birchbox would be a great idea for a beauty product junkie like myself, Conscious Box would be great for a health-conscious, foodie friend, and BarkBox would even make your dog happy!
  5. Chromecast – I actually bought one of these for Dan for Christmas, but ended up giving it to him at Hanukkah instead. When I bought it, I didn’t even realize all the ways it could be used and we have spent several nights now watching YouTube videos on the TV, playing Tic Tac Toe against each other (on TV using our phones and

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