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I knew this one was left in the jar and I have been sort of torn about what I would do if I picked it.


I remember writing this one almost a year ago now and thinking about how I just feel so much better when I take the time to dress up and look nice. It really just changes my whole day. Am I alone here?

That being said, I usually find myself in a rush before work, and since I can get away with wearing not-so-dressy pants and equally un-dressy tops, I frequently do. I’ve even rocked a corduroy or two. Then there are the times where I don’t bother drying my hair (because I spent too much time catching up on the DVR instead) and I leave it a stringy, frizzy mess. Usually by lunch time I want to take a half-day because I feel so self-conscious that I want to shower and start over.

However, if I wear a dress to work every day for a week, people are going to think I have an interview or something weird going on. It just doesn’t happen often. This is actually the perfect work week for me to have pulled this resolution (other than one where I have the week off) because I already have to dress up Thursday and Friday for work events. The other 3 work days….well, we will call it “dressed up” if I make it there in nice pants or a skirt, straightened hair, or maybe even some curls.

The weekend might be another story entirely, as I sit here writing this in yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and wet hair…

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