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I just kind of stole that title from TGIF. You won’t tell, will you?

This year, for turkey day, I drove out to my mom’s house the morning of the holiday rather than the night before. It was mostly because I didn’t want to drive in the rainy weather that would inevitably make the Mass Pike something out of a horror movie (remember this?), but it allowed me to see more of my family than I normally would. Usually I travel on Wednesday night, sleep at my mom’s, have breakfast with her, and then head out to my aunt’s on my dad’s side of the family. I usually go right back to my own apartment after that, but this year I stayed and visited at a cousin’s house and then traveled home the following morning instead. Which means I was not at the mall for any part of Black Friday, and for that, I am very thankful.

I’m working on getting some of my family together on Christmas Eve, but it’s harder now than it used to be with divorced families and everyone’s significant others multiplying the number of places we all need to be. If Christmas Eve doesn’t work out, we’ve already thrown out a few dates for a family game night at our apartment. If one of those doesn’t work, we will have to try again next month!

Thanksgiving obviously made this resolution easy for the week, but I hope to keep it going for the rest of…well, life.

p.s. Sorry there are no pictures with this post, but I somehow managed not to take any the entire time I was with family. I would throw in some random internet pictures, but I need to go work out before I change my mind.

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