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I have Christmas songs stuck in my head today so I apologize if there are some misplaced fa-la-la-la-la’s in here. I’m on Christmas overload right now, but in a good way. Tonight will be spent baking Rudolph and melted snowman cookies (might be a “Pinterest nail or fail?” post coming soon?) while trying to wrap a few gifts and listen to the holiday songs that are in my head. Good times.

Anyway, this week was a definite success. I didn’t wear a skirt or dress every single day (only four of them), but frankly, it’s too darn cold for that right now anyway. I still dressed up for the other two days, especially when compared to my normal work & weekend attire.

You might be thinking right now “wait just a minute, 4 + 2 = 6. But there are 7 days in a week…” Yes, smartypants, you are right. Thanks for pointing that out. Would you like to venture a guess as to which day I missed?

Wednesday – Started off the week with a sweater dress and even had time to curl my hair and take an obnoxious selfie in my dirty bathroom mirrors before work.


Thursday – We had a film company visiting at work that day and were all told to dress nicely. I followed the rules, but ended up leaving work before the crew got there and went to finish Christmas shopping instead. Shopping in a skirt and heels? I think I am now eligible for sainthood.

Friday – I had a work event at night that required me to dress up, so this one was another dress and heels day. This week is not going to be good for my dry cleaning bill.


Saturday – I was supposed to be going to a birthday party that night, but Snoowwwwmygosh 2013 made sure that didn’t happen. Instead I went out to dinner with a couple friends and still wore a dress (with leggings and boots, I’m not totally insane), which I would NEVER have done on a normal weekend. Not a fancy dress, but a nice enough one where I still felt better than jeans or yoga pants.

Sunday – Buuuuuuut then Sunday happened. Let’s see, did I even shower on Sunday? Oh, I did! I did, around 6pm, and then went outside to shovel out my car. This was about as dressy as Sunday got, but that’s what Sundays are for, right?


Monday – When I woke up Monday morning, my phone said the temperature was 5 degrees. That’s it, just 5. Not 5-0, not even 2-5, just 5. Definitely a pants day. To make up for it, I wore a dressier blouse and a bow tie necklace, because everything is fancier when you’re rocking a bow tie.


Tuesday – It may have been 10 degrees on Tuesday, so….yayy heatwave? Still a pants day, but I wore my new Loft dress pants that I’m in love with and made sure to curl my hair again instead of leaving it a wet, frizzy mess.

So there ya go, six days of dressing up and one obligatory day of rest. When I made some of these resolutions, I think I was a little over zealous with the “exercise EVERYday” or “dress up EVERYday”. It’s nice to try something new for an entire week, but in real life, there is no way that would continue throughout the year, and many of these things are resolutions I want to extend for….well, life.

Which means I need more bow ties.

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