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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! We certainly did. Lots of time spent with family, playing games, giving gifts, visiting, chatting, and of course eating. It was a great couple of days.


I started my week of good deeds off by holding the door for a woman at Target. One of the workers had gotten a train of shopping carts stuck between the automatic doors and a bunch of us were waiting behind him to get out into the parking lot. The woman with her carriage full of boxes and a bean bag chair was in front of me, but I slipped by her and pushed open one of the other doors and held it for her. She thanked me, but then continued to complain all the way to her car about “how stupid the kid was getting carts stuck in a door” and how they “didn’t have any large bags for her items at Christmas time!” among other things. I got in my car, wished her a flat tire, and went on my way hoping all my good deeds wouldn’t be rewarded this way.

A few days later, I ended up back at Target (shocking.) and grabbed a basket full of things from the local animal shelter’s wishlist.


I had planned on bringing it to the shelter myself, but a friend of mine who I met up with after my Target trip was actually heading to the shelter with some donations of her own that night, so I gave her my bags and she played Santa to some very happy animals.

My week ended with Christmas Eve, and as we were driving to my family’s house we (obviously) stopped at Bagel World. I decided to pay for the man behind me in the drive-thru as my last good deed. Dan tried to watch his face as we drove away, but I was intent on getting out of there before he could catch up to me so he wouldn’t think I was waiting to be thanked. OR creepy. I like to imagine he appreciated it and that his free coffee tasted better than usual that day.

Apparently I didn’t earn enough good karma this week because guess who got a cold for Christmas?! This girl. Cough, sniffle. I would still like to do a few more good deeds for this one however, but I ran out of time with the Christmas Craziness. I plan on donating some winter jackets soon and I think it would be fun to bring some flowers or cookies to the hospital. As soon as I’m done sniffling.

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