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Should we start with a poll about how well you think I did this week? Who thinks I only lasted two days? How about four? Anyone think I worked out for seven straight days? You must be new here.

I didn’t do too badly actually, at least not in my opinion, but I didn’t work out for the full seven days. Take your shocked face off. Those of you that guessed four days would be correct. I felt really guilty about that the last few days (although not guilty enough to sneak in a workout apparently), but then when I put it in perspective and think that if I had made just one or two resolutions in January, I would have quit them by February, mayyyyyybe March. So the fact that I’m still trying things with three weeks left in the year is pretty awesome to me. In that sense, I would say I’m pretty happy with how this week went.

Wednesday night I went down to the gym in our apartment and used the elliptical for 30 minutes. There are no pictures because I wasn’t alone in the gym and didn’t want to look like a total freak, but I did bring my tablet with me and read a great book while I worked out, so it was enjoyable.

On Thursday I woke up early before work (an accomplishment all by itself!) and decided to check out JessicaSmithTV. I did the 20-minute toned and jiggle-free (ha!) arms video, and then the 10-minute flat abs workout. My goal was to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, so the combination of these two was perfect.


On Friday we stayed in, made some holiday drinks, and watched a Christmas movie. I should have exercised before work again, but I didn’t plan well enough, and by 9pm it was pretty clear that it wasn’t gonna happen that day.


I decided it would be ok to skip Friday as long as I added the 30 minutes to another day’s workout. Um…keep reading. Or, you know, don’t. Since you probably know me well enough by now.

On Saturday I plugged in the Wii and got in about 40 minutes of Just Dance. There are absolutely, definitely, without a doubt no pictures of this, but I did have fun and I have to say, it’s a damn good workout. I was sweating quite a bit. Probably could have left that last line out, but…you know, keepin’ it real.

I needed some extra motivation on Sunday so I dragged Dan with me for a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. It was very cold, but he was a good sport, and we did get to see some lights along with our breath.


Monday I planned to work out for 60 minutes to make up for Friday, but instead I did some weird kind of exercise math and ended up working out for zero minutes? To make up for Friday?

And then Tuesday happened and….nope.

So, as you can see, my week kind of fell apart at the end, but I really am happy with the workouts that I did. Working out four days a week for someone who doesn’t usually make time for exercise at all is still a pretty good outcome. Right? Or am I just making excuses?

Because I am good at those.

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