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Thank gawwwwwwd this came the week AFTER Thanksgiving.


I really didn’t think about that when I set this up. I knew that I had two weeks that involved exercise, but I figured, hey, who can’t use two weeks of exercise in a year? I never really considered that I might pick them in consecutive weeks and wouldn’t that have been a nightmare? The answer is yes, in my world, working out for 14 days straight is a nightmare. So is working out during a food coma resulting from two Thanksgiving meals. Actually, there are few times in my world where working out is NOT a nightmare, but I really feel like I could use it this week.

I kind of already did this earlier this year when I had to Work Out Every Day. Now I have to try a different work out every day. This might be somewhat of a challenge since I don’t belong to a gym anymore and can’t take classes, but we will figure something out.

Shopping is a work out, right?


I quite like celebrating Hanukkah AND Christmas.

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