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There is only one more resolution left in the jar after this, and I have a feeling I remember what that last one is, but this seems very appropriate for the week before Christmas.


Last year, I helped a friend with her Birthday Project where you complete as many random acts of kindness as the age you are turning. Fortunately, this friend is younger than I am, so we were able to complete most of them in one day. We delivered bags of essentials to a homeless shelter, brought flowers to hospital patients who hadn’t had a lot of visitors, and made cookies to drop off at the local fire station. Her birthday is tomorrow (Happy Birthday, BFF!) and she is planning on doing this once again, so I hope to be able to help out. As cheesy as it sounds, it was really nice to see people so surprised to have something nice done for them and know that you just made their day a little bit better.

If our schedules don’t line up and I can’t help out with the Birthday Project this year, I have a few other things up my sleeve. Without getting all after school special on you guys, I am really excited for this week and being able to enjoy the “reason for the season”, instead of just worrying about finishing my Christmas shopping and eating ALL. the. cookies.

Which I’m still going to do, but now this will offset some of that extra stress and calories.

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