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Vision boards are a fitting segue from a year full of resolutions, right? I think so.

I have never actually made a vision board before. Honestly, I didn’t even know what they were until a few years ago. At first, I kind of found the idea a little far-fetched, like something people who also believe in psychics and feng shui would do, and I am not one of those people. How is a picture on a piece of paper going to get me my dream job and a trip to Italy? That’s the thing about us science/math-minded people, we’re too practical sometimes.

Then I started hearing little anecdotes here and there about friends who made vision boards with goals big and small that were actually…happening. I was definitely intrigued, and I have read The Secret, so I know the idea behind it is that you’re sort of allowing these things to happen by focusing on them and giving them attention. In the end, it was really the allure of a fun, new craft project that made me decide to give it a try.

And Lord knows I have enough magazines.


I spent an hour one night paging through a stack of magazines and only ended up with a handful of photos, but millions of ideas floating through my head of images that I wanted to print out and add to my board. Then I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers and it’s like a light bulb went off (or “on”, right? why is that expression so weird?) Electronic vision board (see #5 on her list)? Genius!

I was able to scrap the paper project without feeling too bummed because I think my obsession with love of Pinterest rivals my love of projects and crafty things. Right now, my 2014 Vision Board is a *secret* board on Pinterest, so even if you follow me, you won’t be able to see it, but I’m going to share with you some of my pins and goals for this new year.

First up: my camera. I want to make it a priority to use it more often, learn more about it, and teach myself how to edit photos better. I plan on taking it with me when I go somewhere, and leaving it out at home so that it’s more likely I will grab it and use it to capture certain moments.



The next thing I want to do more of is organize my entire life. It’s no secret by now that I am extremely OCD about things and pins like these make me happy:



I might not go quite as nuts as that last one, but it’s inspiration to use my planner more and organize my lists.

I also want to take at least one trip this year. Dan and I have been doing one big trip a year for the last several years, and I really want to continue that. There are so many places we want to see! Dubai, England, Italy, and Southern California are topping our list right now.


Learning to cook is another thing on my list. I would really like to focus on making healthier meals at home, packing lunches for the week so that I spend less money out, and maybe making a big holiday meal this year. Maybe.


There are loads of other things I want to focus on this year, like blogging


relaxing, and enjoying moments instead of worrying about all of the other things that need to be done


creating a style for myself and shopping for outfits rather than pieces that I don’t really need, but like


reading more often, which means carving out time at night to curl up with a book before bed, and having the library’s online catalog bookmarked


and finally, making a conscious effort to take steps towards things Dan and I want in life, like a bigger, nicer place and an eventual family. I’m stressing eventual here before I start any rumors.


There are also a few pins reflecting the usual mantras about workout motivation, flossing my teeth regularly so it doesn’t look like a murder scene at the dentist, and just general quotes that inspire me.


So, there you have it. Those are my goals for this year. Not quite 52 of them this time, but a good amount of things to focus on. I plan on adding to this board every time I see something that inspires me, or if I think of something else that I want to give attention to.

Do you have a vision board? Has one worked for you? I’m curious to hear your stories!

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