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This has been a long, loooong time coming, but I am so excited to finally have my blog redesigned and on WordPress now!

I know it might not appear to be a big change, but this was a project that I started many months ago (almost 12 of them, eek) and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It was a painstaking process of copying, pasting, researching, coding, crying, Googling, designing, swearing, even more crying, and now…celebrating!

I really want to thank a couple of Dans for their help, as well as Eric from, and Sarah at I should also probably thank everyone who had to endure my frustrated Facebook posts and outbursts of rage when I couldn’t figure something out. I am forever a 5-year-old.

The one thing that I couldn’t figure out was how to set this up so that those of you who currently subscribe to my blog via rss or email wouldn’t have to resubscribe. Unfortunately, whether you think you’re subscribed, you were subscribed, or you are totally new here, you will have to go over to the right and subscribe by email, rss feed, or Facebook if you want to see any future posts. Please also check your bookmarks if you had this site bookmarked.

Feel free to look around and leave some feedback! New posts will be coming very soon (as in, probably tomorrow because I missed the heck out of this thing) and I will be sharing everything from my online vision board of goals for 2014, to a bunch of actual, home-cooked recipes we are trying (like grown ups), and a new project that I’m loving! Right now though, it’s all about the celebrating.


I’ll take any excuse for chocolate and cider.

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