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So I didn’t actually go to Sochi or anything, but I did go to The Container Store. This is hard to type because I have to alternate between sitting on my hands to keep from jazz-hand-ing all over the place and tucking my legs underneath me to keep from jumping up and down. This project made my LIFE. It made it so much better, so much easier to deal with opening a cabinet in this place, and just so much nicer to be at home.

Shall we begin?

My main goal was to organize our pantry cabinet because it’s a nightmare, as you will see in a minute, but when I was walking around The Container Store, there was this freak earthquake and all kinds of things just kept falling off the shelf into my basket. It was so scary. The craziest part was that an ice storm was happening outside at the same time and I needed something to weigh down my car in order to keep it from sliding. Once I placed the giant shopping bag of organizational tools in my back seat, I was safe. The Container Store saved my life!

Container Store (2)

First up was our baking pan cabinet. There is not a cabinet in our house that requires more noise to remove one item. Somehow, the pans we use all the time seem to end up on the bottom (science?) and then you have to play Jenga with them to get one out.

Organizing (2)

I wanted a way to organize individual pans so that it was easier to get things in and out of this cabinet and not send the cats running for cover every time. I like the result, with two small exceptions.

Organizing (5)

Looks great, right?! The only things I’m not sure about are the pizza pans on the top right and the glass lids on the top left. We use the pizza pans the most out of anything in that cabinet, so I was hoping to make them a little more easily accessible (picking up a frying pan is sooo hard), but they don’t fit standing vertically. The glass lids just seem like an accident waiting to happen when someone puts one back too quickly and they bang into each other.

Organizing (9)

I think I can deal with both for now, but I’m keeping my eye out for other solutions.

Next up was the cabinet under the kitchen sink. This is another place where everything we use seems to end up underneath/behind something else, and I had no idea what was even in the back.

Organizing (12)

Two simple shelves and this cabinet looks neat again. And I can see everything in the back!

Organizing (13)

Underneath the bathroom sink was another problem area. We are going to quickly look at a before and after here without paying too much attention to what’s in this cabinet, for obvious reasons.

Under sink before after

I know it doesn’t look shockingly different, but having my straightener and curling irons standing in that little basket rather than having to untangle them from a pile has been amazing! The best part is that I was able to fit so much more underneath here that I cleaned off a whole other shelf in my bathroom. I’m still struggling with what to put above the towels, but I’m sure I will find something.

Organizing2 (30)

I also bought two small gift boxes for under $1 each and turned them into dividers to organize the little things floating around in this dusty drawer:

Organizing (17)

and turn it into this:

Organizing (20)

On to my final project. I saved this one for last because I thought it would be the most time-consuming and overwhelming, but it was surprisingly easy.

Organizing2 (35)

It doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but that’s because of two things: I forgot to take a before picture until about three minutes after I started, and most of the mess is in the back because the cabinets are so deep.

Organizing2 (41)

In order to get anything from the back of a shelf, you pretty much have to take everything in front of it out, only to realize that what’s in back is so old that it expired months ago.

Organizing2 (36)

A good chunk of things from this cabinet ended up in the trash, but what’s left is so neatly organized that I have to keep opening it and exclaiming to Dan that I can see all the spices! And why do we have so much cinnamon sugar?!

Organizing2 (45)

In addition to the Lazy Susan, I added a small container to hold all the little items like icing and honey sticks, and then some larger, longer baskets so that we can pull out a basket when we want something instead of an entire shelf’s contents.

Organizing2 (50)

I literally want to live inside this cabinet. Which is totally possible with all this room!

So that’s my Olympic-sized post about organizational projects taking place around here. There is still plenty more to be done, but I need to wait for my wallet to catch up and then I’m going for the Gold!

2 Comments on The 2014 Organization Olympics

  1. I sit here with a HUGE smile on my face. I’m now thinking….”Please God, let her work one on one with her brother now!!”

    Nice work, Nik. I’m soooooooooooo proud of you <3