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I know s’mores are normally a summer thing, but do you think I’m going to argue adding a second season of marshmallow and chocolate?

As soon as I saw this idea, I knew I had to try it. I added it to my Spring Bucket List to make sure it would actually happen because if it’s on a list, it has to be done. I even tried waiting to post this until closer to Easter, but since the grocery stores have been bombarding me with Peeps, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and jelly beans since the day after Valentine’s Day, I’m actually considering this an act of restraint rather than an early holiday post.

The ingredients are simple. You will need some graham crackers,


some Peeps of your choice (the bunnies work best because they’re flatter),


and a chocolate bar.


I might be cheap with my graham crackers, but I don’t mess around when it comes to chocolate.

Place one Peep and a square of chocolate on top of half a cracker.


Put them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, but make sure to keep a close eye on it. The Peep will start to expand and you want to stop it before it explodes. Think swollen bunny that ate too many hard-boiled eggs; that’s where you want to hit “stop”. Press the other half of the graham cracker on top while the Peep and chocolate are still warm. The result = ooey gooey deliciousness with a little bit of festive, pastel sparkle!


You could also try this with a peanut butter cup instead of chocolate. And then we would be best friends.

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