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I’ve been at it again.

I feel like I only ever cook in binges. I’ll get really tired of going out to eat or having frozen meals, so I’ll put together this huuuuge list of foods I want to make at home, and then I will spend days preparing all of them and refusing to eat out. Then I get sick of being in the kitchen, washing dishes, and throwing away ingredients that go bad before I can use them all, and then the cycle starts all over again.

This weekend’s menu included a blueberry breakfast cake, another recipe that was given to me by Dan’s sister. You can see from the list of ingredients there that it calls for 2 scoops of a cake batter flavored protein powder. I could only find this in huge canisters, and since I knew I wouldn’t really be using much of it after making this, I decided not to spend a small fortune on one. I was hoping to find it in a single-serve packet, but that didn’t happen, so I ended up with a Muscle Milk shake.


To make up for it, I decided I would just eliminate the water from the recipe, decrease the amount of egg whites, and add a bit of flour. You know, because I’m an expert and can just change recipes like that. (SPOILER ALERT: I am NOT an expert.)

I still had high-ish hopes when putting it into the oven.


This is what Dan’s sister’s cake looked like:


And this is mine:


Fail. I ate a little bit of it, and while it doesn’t taste bad at all, it has the consistency of a mushy baked oatmeal rather than a cake. I feel too badly about the starving kids in Africa to tell you what I did with the finished product.

I redeemed myself a little on the next attempt, however.

This one comes from one of my absolute favorite bloggers and was mainly an attempt to put our brand new food processor to the test. Falafel is something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but I don’t think I realized just how many spices were involved. It makes me feel like 5% more of an adult now that I have cumin in my pantry.


I’m a little bit giddy over our food processor now that I’ve used it. Although it’s a bit loud, it whips things up in a matter of seconds.


Again, I had more of a liquidy consistency than I wanted, so I had trouble rolling the falafel into balls to be baked. I ended up with more of a patty shape, especially after they flattened out a little while baking.


I couldn’t possibly have made these without the feta dip that goes along with it, because cheese.


I left out the cayenne pepper and the garnish because I’m not really into spicy things. I’m mostly into cheese. Ok, fine, I’m only into cheese. I could put this little cloud of whipped deliciousness on everything.


These were great for a little afternoon snack, but I also plan to throw them into a wrap with some lettuce, the feta dip, and diced tomatoes.


What do you think? Would you try any of these recipes? Are there others that you’ve been wanting to make? I suspect my next food-related post will have more to do with restaurants than home-cooked meals, but leave me some ideas for my next binge!

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