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Here is a quick little list of things I’m losing my mind over this week:

This freaking app. A while back, I must have read about QuizUp somewhere and joined a mailing list for it because this week I received an email telling me the Android version of the trivia app was ready for download. There’s nothing for me to write after that last sentence because nothing has happened in my life since. Constant trivia games (they’re quick, 7-question quizzes on every topic you could imagine), challenging friends, and checking to see how many more wins I need to get The Legionary achievement bonus.

Speaking of apps, I’ve seen this one talked about a few times on Facebook this week and I’m pretty intrigued. The technology is explained a little better here. My Goodreads “to-read” shelf has over 130 books on it, and that’s only because I cleaned it out last weekend, so anything to help me read EVERY BOOK EVER is worth a shot. So crazy how you actually kind of get used to that last one the more you stare at it. Science, man.


Have you ever gotten really excited about…vinegar? It’s not something I ever would have expected to be fanatical about, but I’m so psyched that we’re heading out to New England Olive Oil Company today for a tasting. Ok, and to buy a bunch of things. You’ve probably seen their balsamic vinegars and olive oils in some of my food pictures because I use them all the time. I first discovered this place a couple of years ago and I usually grab a few bottles each time I’m there. I would definitely recommend the Aged Fig Balsamic and the White Peach Balsamic. I’ve also tried one of their olive oils and we’re heading out there today because they’ve added a line of specialty sauces and pestos. Yum!


Finally, I am obsessed with the LHCalligraphy Instagram feed. Yes, they look amazing, but click on one of the videos and watch her create something. She makes it look so easy! I think I’ve finally watched every one. It’s my new Netflix.

What things are you excited about this week?

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