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According to my Spring Bucket List, I should be coloring Easter Eggs right now.

Those of you that have been here a while may know that it kills me to put something on a list and then not do it. Seriously, I’m two days behind already on my 30-Day Fitness Challenge and I feel like such a loser that I’m forcing myself to make them all up at once tonight. You may also know that the way to make myself feel better about this laziness almost always involves sugary, sweet things. It’s a problem. Add alcohol to the mix and suddenly I feel like we’re getting close to Intervention status. But! Will you forgive me if it’s cute and it tastes good?

Easter Cottontails

Of course these were inspired by many Pinterest pins. Would you expect any less from me?


For the Jelly Bean-tini, I combined 1 nip of Kinky blue (I didn’t name it…) with 1 nip of flavored vodka (I used Raspberry). I added a splash of grenadine and threw in a few jelly beans for good measure.


If you’re feeling fancy, you can rim the glass with some colored sugar.


The Peep-tini was a bit of a spontaneous creation. I grabbed a bottle of caramel-flavored coffee creamer and added 1 nip of chocolate vodka (think Cadbury Egg).


I added 1 drop of red food coloring to make it festive. Garnish with your favorite Peep, if you have one. I personally love all my Peeps.


So. Have one of these, then go complete two days of missed workouts on a sugar high? Or work out first and reward myself with one of these work-out-cancelling-drinks? Which is less likely to make you shake your head at me? FINE. I’ll go color eggs.

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