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It’s no secret that Dan and I frequently like to try new restaurants, and it’s even less of a mystery that I say it that way because it sounds better than “we like to eat out. a lot.”

This past Sunday was no exception. I had been dying to try The Friendly Toast since friends had raved about it years ago, but being 25-30 min away kind of kept it off of our radar most weekends. It’s a popular place and we were warned to expect at least an hour wait. We were pleasantly surprised when we pushed through the crowd to the hostess stand and discovered it was merely 35 minutes! How is that for a lesson in relativity?


If waiting and crowded places aren’t your thing, then I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this for a weekend breakfast, but you should know that they are not my things either and I would deal with both of them again just to have this breakfast menu in from of me one more time.


Say what?! There was also a special of oatmeal pancakes with caramelized bananas and chocolate ganache. When we walked in (and in the weeks leading up to this visit), I had my heart set on something so sweet my teeth would bleed, so this seemed perfect. I talked myself in and out of it so many times, but in the end, I decided to abandon my sugar cravings and order the breakfast burrito instead.


I’m not entirely sure how the neon sign in my brain that’s constantly flashing “SUGAR!Carbs!Weeee!” malfunctioned that morning, but it was one of my strongest decisions in months.


Cell phone pictures could never do it justice, but this burrito was packed with everything wonderful (I might have even spotted a unicorn in there) and the leftovers were just as great for lunch the next day. Dan was equally happy with his omelet stuffed with meats and topped with maple sour cream.


We’ve both declared it our new favorite breakfast spot, not just for the food, but for the playlist (Blink 182 & Green Day), the decor (very Cambridge), and yes, mostly the food.

Next time I have my eye on those King Cakes!

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