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I am actually jittery with excitement about this.

I had planned to start my summer bucket list on the first day of of the season, but I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now and I just can’t hold back any longer. I joked on my Facebook page a few weeks ago that I have some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder where instead of getting really bummed in the winter, I get overly excited in the summer, and I actually don’t think I’m joking. Seriously. Manic. Besides, everyone knows that Memorial Day is the REAL start of summer, so what better time to begin than this weekend!

Summer Bucket List-page-001

I will continue with my spring bucket list through the middle of June, just as I planned, but I’m so over the three days of spring that we’ve had and I’m already in full on summer mode. I’ve already sat by the pool in a tank and shorts, I have neon pink toenails, and every candle in my apartment smells like a beach or a fruit. My only question is, do I continue this list until the start of fall, or through the REAL end of summer – Labor Day?

Oh, who am I kidding? They’ll be done by next week.

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