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Haven’t done one of these in about a month! Here’s what I love this week (which will most likely be totally different next week because, hi, have you met me?)

(1) Bevcooks on Instagram – she is hysterical. She’s a food blogger turned mommy-er to a set of twins and the captions she comes up with are a riot. Literally laugh-out-loud funny. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she has lots of good material to work with. This is one of my favorites:

"Dude you would not believe what's going on with this red boat." "Whatever, these 8 pears are blowing my mind."
“Dude you would not believe what’s going on with this red boat.” “Whatever, these 8 pears are blowing my mind.”


(2) This Green Tea & Bamboo candle that I got at Target. I can’t find the link to it on Target’s website, which is going to be a problem for me because I need these in bulk. When I first smelled it, the scent reminded me of something and it took me DAYS of inhaling it every five seconds before I finally figured it out – a deodorant that I used to wear. I know, I know, I’m really not selling it well, but it’s such a clean, refreshing scent. If you’re in Target and you come across this, give it a good sniff. And buy me 12, please.


(3) So by now everyone has seen the Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle with Emma Stone, right? That video set off a domino effect for me a few nights ago, and it ended three hours later with a tub of Trader Joe’s ice cream and the sad fact that I had seen every internet video in existence. Well, ok, only the ones with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in them. First, I watched every lip sync battle (there are currently four unless you know something I don’t). Then, I watched every History of Rap (currently five), which led to every Evolution of Dance, which led to clips from their SNL appearance together, and finally ended with JT doing impressions of Jimmy on his show. Did I miss anything?

(4) Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I feel like that’s the only place we shop for food anymore. If I cooked ever, that might be different, but we really can get all we need from TJs most weeks. The thing I’ve been loving the most from our recent shopping haul is the Cranberry Almond Grain Medley. I’ve only eaten it cold so far, but their flyer suggests warming it up and eating it for breakfast in place of oatmeal, so that will be happening soon. I also love most of their frozen pizzas, especially the mini ones because I feel “healthier” when I eat just one, and their Beef-less Ground Beef, which I made insanely delicious nachos from the other night.


What are your Friday favorites? Food, fun, or even alliteration, maybe?

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