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I think it may say a lot about my week that my favorite thing was getting out of work at 3:30 today. It sort of prorates the hours of my day so that when I go to sleep at 8pm tonight, I can claim it felt like 9:30. Is 9:30 still uncool on a Friday? I can’t keep up.

I am equally excited about the following things:

(1) This guy in San Francisco hiding envelopes of cash around the city. Why can’t that happen in Boston? I love a good scavenger hunt and there’s no better prize than cash. Not only is this guy super cool for paying it forward, but so are all of the people who found and shared the money with someone else. Except that one self-absorbed woman who bought copies of her own book and should really feel like a tool now.

(2) I kind of accidentally bought this book on Amazon, if by “accidentally” we mean spontaneously and excitedly. I haven’t done a good DIY project in a while and I’m feeling the urge.


(3) Oh, hey. I’m hooked on another smartphone game. You can play online too (use your arrow keys), but I didn’t know that until I just linked it here. There goes 8 more hours of my day.

(4) Remember when I had a mint green obsession? That’s still going strong, but I’m also wanting everything in cobalt blue now. It started with a dress that I wore to a wedding this past weekend, but I think my wardrobe will soon closely resemble Dan’s, who only wears grey, blue, and black, as evidenced in this photo (and that’s the dress!):


(5) Last week I finished Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things and I loved it so much that I might buy a copy for myself to keep around when I need some good advice. Then I went to the library and picked up Wild, her memoir about hiking the Pacific Coast Trail alone at 26 years old, and loved that one also. At 26 I think I was hanging out at sports bars and freaking out over the final Harry Potter book, so….yeah. Perspective.

What things are you excited for this week/weekend?

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