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See what I did there? Kind of.

One of the things on my Summer Bucket List is to have drinks outside on the water. Last weekend provided the perfect weather, combined with a free Saturday afternoon, which is a rarity this summer, so we decided to jump on the opportunity to knock a few things off the bucket list.

I took to Facebook to find the best place to go and ended up with a long list full of places to visit this summer when we’re feeling thirsty. We decided on Newburyport since it’s not a very long drive and we could also spend some time wandering around all of the little shops. A friend had suggested Michael’s Harborside and after walking over to check it out, we were quickly convinced this was just what we were looking for! Drinks with a view!


There are several outdoor areas – an upper deck, a lower deck, and a covered lower deck. We chose the upper deck for maximum sunshine and were told to seat ourselves. We chose a table right near the side so we could really take advantage of that view. Seriously, that view! I want to color my whole life the shade of that sky.


First up were the drink orders. Dan chose a Blue Crush which was a mixture of blue curacao, lemonade, flavored vodka, and Sprite. I decided on a berry lemonade because it seemed like the perfect alcoholic summer beverage.


We eventually went for round 2 which involved another Blue Crush and sangria. We enjoyed all three and I really honestly can’t pick a favorite.


Next, we ordered some food. Dan had a burger and I had a salad that pretended to be healthy, but was topped with fried butternut squash ravioli and candied walnuts. My kinda disguise.


Neither of us had any complaints about our drinks or meals, except that they were a little on the expensive side. Actually, I would say they were just slightly on the side of expensive, like with one foot on that side and the other at your average chain restaurant. I’m also really cheap, so take that however you will. That being said, I would have no problem paying the same price again because the meals were flavorful, unique (ravioli in my salad!), and came with a great view worth every penny.


We head up to Newburyport pretty frequently, so Michael’s will definitely be on our radar next time we’re enjoying a nice day by the water. Which, coincidentally, is how I would like to spend every single day of my life ever.

Have a great weekend!

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