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I’m a sucker for a little DIY project.


My baby sister is getting married later this summer, so when she asked me to put together a basket to raffle off at her upcoming Jack & Jill, I couldn’t resist the chance to put together a little something different.

Here’s what you need to make your own:


  • a cute basket
  • styrofoam or similar to fill it (I used “wet foam” from the floral section of my local craft store)
  • dowels or skewers
  • assorted nips
  • lottery tickets (preferably winning ones!)
  • curling ribbon
  • scissors
  • tape

I tried to keep a bright, summery color scheme in mind when I was buying the basket and the filler items.

First you want to fit your styrofoam into your basket. Make sure you’re using something soft enough to stick your dowels into, but sturdy enough to keep its shape.


Next, tape the bottom of a nip to the top of one of the dowels. If you wanted, you could use colorful washi tape here, but I chose clear tape to keep it simple.


In order to make sure the nip stays on (and to add a pop of color!), I tied a piece of ribbon to the top of each one, securing it to the dowel. I recommend doing this step without cats around, as that did not work out well for me. Or them.


If you want to get fancy (who doesn’t?), use your scissors to curl the ends.


Stick the dowel into the foam and push down until it’s at the height you want. Continue taping and tying nips to the dowels and arranging them in your basket, alternating colors and heights until it looks the way you want it to.


Don’t worry about the foam showing through, you can cover that later with decorative rocks, candy, confetti, etc.

Tape the back of a lottery ticket to a dowel and add these into your basket.


You’re done! Now you have a party you can take to a party!

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