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Let me point out right away that I am by no means a fashion blogger. I’m not really a fashion anything, unless shopper counts? The things I am about to show you probably went out of style before I was even born (if they were ever “in style”?), but these are the things that I’m searching the malls for lately.

Fall Fashion Wishlist

[one] – I need me a cargo vest. I’m not sure why, but I’m dying to wear it over a striped shirt with some cognac boots. I’ve seen these all over blogs lately and yet I can’t find one in the stores that I like, so I’m cursing all of you who caught onto this one before I did and snatched them up!

[two] – I’ve also been on the hunt for a cute graphic tee. I think they are a good alternative to a neutral t-shirt when you want to add some interest to your look. I could wear this under a cardigan, with a vest, or on its own with some colored jeans or a skirt.

[three] – If only I had saved ALL my plaid, flannel shirts from the 90s. Sadly, most of those were probably a little boyish and not trendy at all, so this time around I want one with some pinks or purples and more of a modern flair to it.

[four] – This leopard cardigan is practically a neutral and I feel like I could wear it with so many things! It would look great over a graphic tee, with my olive green skinnies, or dressed up for work with a black skirt.

[five] – New obsession. I want colored pants in ALL the colors. I’ve started a collection with olive green, burgundy, and cobalt pairs, but I want them all, especially the mustard and the red! I seriously wear these more than my plain denim now.

[six] – Really searching for a cute dress that I can wear with some tights, boots, and a cardigan for fall, but still get some use out of in the spring and summer as well. This one would be perfect!

[seven] – Puffer vests are my go-to fall thing when I don’t want to wear a jacket yet. I already own a white and a silver, but I would like one in a darker color like this navy pinstripe one. So cute!

[eight] – I was SO excited that ankle boots were becoming a thing this year because I’ve had a pair in my closet for years that never got much use. Unfortunately, I think mine were a chew toy for my cat because pieces of them were hanging off in shreds when I pulled them out to wear to work this week. Embarrassing confession? I wore them anyway and hoped no one looked too closely! I just had to get one last wear out of them before adding them to the list of things I need this year. Yes, need.

I love how most things on this list will pair will the other things, or with items I already own. The leopard cardi over the dress? Awesome! Black booties with a graphic tee and vest? Yes!

Wait, what was that noise? Did my closet just moan?

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