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I’ll admit it.

I’ve been a terrible football fan this year. As someone who used to spend their Sunday parked in front of the computer, watching the Pats game while checking the scores of every fantasy league I belonged to, it became too much for me and I’ve slowly been taking back my Sundays and using them for things like leaf-peeping and apple-picking. I only get two weekend days after all, and any time spent outside is time well spent to me.


But since the Patriots are going to continue to pull themselves together this year and make it to the Super Bowl (a sort of uncertain but hopeful prediction), I’m planning to step up my game as well, even if it means DVR-ing those suckers to watch at night when it’s no longer gorgeous outside.

Whether I watch the game at my own apartment, or out with friends & family, I always throw on one of my jerseys or sweatshirts to get into the spirit. I usually pair them with jeans and throw a white t-shirt underneath. How boring, right? Time to make dressing for the game a little more fun!

NFL Jersey collage jersey|leggings|shirt|shoes|clutch|hat|jewelry|nail art

To start my look, I chose a jersey from Fanatics’ impressive selection. To this day, I still don’t own a Brady jersey, so it was a tough decision, but I had to go with Gronk. I already own this one in white, and several others in blue, so I chose red to mix it up a bit. It also seemed like it would look the best with those killer leather leggings. If you’re not quite ready for full-on leather, a legging with leather details, or even plain black would work just fine.

As I said above, I always throw a long-sleeved white t-shirt under my jersey, but I’m done with being basic, so I went with a chambray button-down instead. The bonus to this is that when the game is over, you already have a cute outfit ready to go! It’s a sort of two-point conversion, if you will. 😉

No matter which jersey you choose, there will be Vans that match to keep your look sporty and casual. I also grabbed a clutch via etsy, and several sellers make these specifically for sports fans in their team colors, so it’s easy to match your accessories to your outfit!

Speaking of accessories, you can get those right from Fanatics as well. One-stop shopping leaves much more time for cheering and eating nachos. I chose a Patriots bracelet and earrings, and a beanie that looks so toasty warm I would wear it all winter long. If you’re really into showing your spirit, you could grab some temporary tattoos, paint your face (or other body parts?), or stick on these nail decals, also from Fanatics.

You know what I think would go even better with this outfit? A Super Bowl ring. We should have a few of those lying around in New England, right? 😉

[[ I was not compensated for writing this post and all opinions are honest and my own, especially the ones about this season’s Super Bowl winners. ]]

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