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So often someone will ask myself or Dan what we have planned for the weekend, and then once we list our potential plans, they will make a comment like “you guys do so many fun things!” We do. So many fun things. Often it stresses me out when it seems like we have all of our weekends planned from April to December, and in the days leading up to them I will complain about never having time to relax at home, but then I go and make MORE plans. And the thing is, I enjoy almost all of them. The solution? A day between Saturday and Sunday to enjoy more relaxing while still having plenty of time for fun things. Genius, right?

This weekend was no different. We kicked it off with the usual Friday night date night and ventured into Salem (in October!) for dinner at a new (to us) place. Food was decent, prices were good, but not a lot of options for a pseudo-vegetarian like myself.

We braved the crowds and the witches to head back to Salem on Saturday for a scavenger hunt. We had done a Watson Adventure before at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and loved it, so we were pretty pumped for this one which promised to be spooky and festive.


While we did feel like we had a bit of an advantage being locals, the crowds were just too much on a nice Saturday during October in Salem, and we found that we couldn’t even get close enough to some of our clues to be able to solve all twenty questions. Other groups were able to complete their entire sheet however, so maybe we were just slow? It also got dark about halfway through, which only frustrated me more, and I ended up giving up about two-thirds of the way through while Dan searched for one last clue alone.


While our last Watson Adventure had a story to it and required you to solve a mystery at the end, this one did not. This allowed us to visit some of the areas in Salem that we often overlook and to learn some of the history of the area, but I think we would rather have done this particular hunt in the Spring at an earlier hour. Overall though, I really recommend doing a Watson Adventure if you haven’t. They are VERY well put together, always a lot of fun, and just a super cool way to explore an area or museum.


The next day was beautiful outside once again and proved to be the perfect day to not fall off a horse.


A few friends and I got together to cross an item off of my Fall Bucket List – horseback riding! We went to Bobby’s Ranch and rode with a small group for about an hour. While I was a little nervous at first, my horse, Finn, knew exactly what he was doing and didn’t require me to know much at all. Definite plus since I had no idea what I was doing.


I would certainly go back and do it all again. If you’ve never been, it’s an amazing place with all kinds of animals roaming free around the parking lot. We spent a little time just petting and gushing over the miniature horse and barn cats before heading out to lunch.


All in all, another great weekend and I even had some time to relax a bit with a book on Sunday night!

How was YOUR weekend? Any fun things planned for the next one?

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