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Last week, Dan and I went a little LEGO crazy and attended two different LEGO events right here in the Boston area. They each had their own distinct feel to them, but we loved them both and are still in awe of all the creations we saw.

[[The Art of the Brick – Faneuil Hall, Boston]]


This exhibit had a museum quality to it, as each piece was presented as a work of art with a written description. Each piece definitely WAS a work of art, especially since some of them were LEGO replicas of actual sculptures or paintings.

statues collage

Mona Scream Starry collage

The detail in a lot of these pieces is just incredible. I played with LEGOs a lot as a kid (who didn’t?!) and I can only imagine the time it must take to “paint” a portrait with them.


There were a lot of original works as well, including my favorite one below. At first glance, it looks to be a crowd of people in many different “colors”.


But as you walk further away, the colors turn into a shape of their own – an eye!


Another favorite of mine was partly due to its presentation. The entire area around the swimmer sculpture below was filled with blue waves thanks to some great lighting.


While pieces like these certainly have an artistic feel to them, there were plenty of replicas of everyday objects as well. I wonder which is harder to create?

Pencil Apple Dog collage


And can you even imagine taking this on?


The whole exhibit took us about an hour to walk through and photograph. While it might seem like I shared a lot of photos, I promise I didn’t spoil the event for you and there is much more to see! The Art of the Brick will be around until January, and I definitely recommend it for both kids and adults, but I do think grown ups might have the most fun at this one since there is no touching or building involved, and some of the works of art may not be recognizable to little people.




[[Legoland Discovery Center – Assembly Row, Somerville]]

This place opened earlier this year and both Dan and I were pretty bummed to learn that you had to be accompanied by a child to attend. We thought about having one, but having to raise it to the point where it would be old enough to attend, well, I just don’t have the patience. Lucky for us there is a monthly Adult Night!

And I don’t think either of us acted like an adult the entire night.


Can you tell what the theme was?


I actually woke up around 3am one night recently, and when I couldn’t get back to sleep, I went on Facebook. It was there that I saw an article about a Star Wars Adult Night at the Legoland Discovery Center, so I quickly grabbed the joint credit card and bought us some tickets hoping (knowing) Dan wouldn’t be that upset about my middle-of-the-night shopping spree.


When you first walk in, you get to wander around an entire room full of Boston landmarks created from LEGOs.

Boston landmarks

Its SO well done, and the creativity is apparent in every single scene, including this one with a picnic shared by a woman eating a chicken leg, the town drunk, and the guy from the Planet Fitness commercials.


There are several little surprises along the way, like a window underneath the Beacon Hill area that reveals the bar from Cheers and plays the theme song when a button is pressed.


My favorite areas were the sports stadiums (Fenway & Gillette) where, again, the detail was incredible. They nailed every part right down to the lighthouse in Foxboro and Pesky’s Pole at Fenway. Can you find Spongebob in the stands? He’s a Sox fan. So is the Stormtrooper and the person eating a grapefruit at a baseball game.

Stadiums Collage

As you walk around admiring all the city scenes, the lights start to dim and the whole room goes into night mode. It makes it feel as if it’s a whole new place with lots of new details to find and photograph.

Boston Landmarks NIGHT


If LEGO Boston isn’t your thing, there’s also an area where you can build your own race car and send it through the test track.


When you’re done with that, you can take a spin on one of their rides, play a game, or even see a 4D movie.


Everything is superbly decorated, right down to the walls.


There were a few things we missed because we just ran out of time trying to take it all in, so you can bet we will be back for the next adult night to check out the factory tour and Kingdom Quest Laser Ride!


Ironically, although this was strictly an adult night, this event felt more “childish” (in a good, fun way!) than the first event. I would recommend this to any adult looking to have a great time being a kid again, and I can certainly see why it’s popular with kids on every other night! We can’t wait to go back!

Have you visited either of these attractions, or are you planning to? What did you think about them, or which event looks like it would be your favorite?

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