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I love the idea of Crockpot meals. Throw a few things inside, turn it on, and go about your day while dinner basically prepares itself. While I haven’t quite warmed up to the idea of leaving it on while I’m not at home, I took advantage of a Sunday with no plans and made a slow cooker meal for tonight’s dinner while I sat on the couch in pajamas ALL.DAY.


The recipe I used is a Slow Cooker Broccoli, Brown Rice, and Cheddar Casserole from You can view the original recipe on her blog, and I only made a few changes to suit our own tastes and make it even healthier.

While the recipe called for mushrooms, I’m not their biggest fan, so I subbed in diced tomatoes instead.


I also used almond milk (unsweetened) instead of dairy milk, and whole wheat flour. I didn’t substitute anything for the broccoli, but I still felt like I needed to include a photo of the bag because Broccoli Wokly.


It’s funnier every time you say it. Broccoli Wokly. See? Moving on. I would recommend using a food processor to chop your broccoli instead of making a mess like I did.


Truth be told, this was a bit more time-consuming to prepare than I expected, but I’m also pretty lazy when it comes to cooking, so take that however you will. Instead of throwing everything into the slow cooker and walking away, you first have to prepare the sauce and chop your vegetables.

Once the sauce is done, THEN you can toss everything together and go back to watching hours of YouTube videos under a blanket with your cat. Or, you know, cleaning or something.


While it sits, the rice will thicken and absorb a lot of the liquid. For the last hour it cooks, you add cheese to the Crockpot, and if you suffer from a cheese addiction like myself, you may add a bit (lot) more once it’s on your plate.


We both enjoyed this meal and could each get about 2 servings a piece from the recipe. Now, is there a slow cooker that will make me a sundae?

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