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December 7th? What? WHAT?!?

It feels like just yesterday that I posted my Winter Bucket List, but I’m now in a mad rush to get things crossed off before Christmas. Including things that are not even on my bucket list, like decorating, sending a holiday card, buying gifts, wrapping those gifts, and trying not to lose my sanity (too late?) when I see that there is only slightly more than two weeks left until the big day.

While some things on my list can be done any time this season (splurge on ice wine, try a new winter sport), there are a few that have time limits on them due to the nature of the task, and a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is one of those things.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

If you search for these on Pinterest, you will find tons of printable lists ready to be taken along on a night time drive. Since I can’t make anything easy on myself, I decided to create my own. I picked several of my favorites from the existing lists and made the one you see above. I plan to take it with us one night this week as we drive around the neighborhood admiring the displays.

Feel free to print out my list and conduct a scavenger hunt of your own! Maybe you want to have a contest to see who can be the quickest, or maybe you want to split up and see who can find and photograph the most things in one hour. Maybe you just want to make paper airplanes with it. There are no rules, anything goes!

Actually, that’s not entirely true. There is ONE rule:

You absolutely MUST bring a cup of hot chocolate with you on your hunt. Bonus points for whipped cream.

Happy hunting!

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