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It’s FeBRRRRRuary! Despite the cold, some of my favorite things take place this month -last night’s Super Bowl (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Valentine’s Day, a local chocolate and wine festival, and two after-the-holiday holiday parties.

Since our schedules always seem to be jam-packed with fun things and family events, I’m finding it hard to accomplish monthly goals on top of the Winter Bucket List that I’m still trying to complete. Now that we’ve added wedding planning to the mix, I feel like I’m just about flat out, and so I’ve decided that for now, one of my monthly goals will be wedding-related to help move me along in the process.

2015 Monthly Goals - February

We still need to choose a photographer, have an engagement shoot, design our own Save the Dates, address them, and get them out. So while this goal only appears to be five words long, it’s one that may take me a good part of the month to complete.

Since I didn’t do so well at cutting down on all the sugary sweets last month, I’m adding that one back in with the hopes that Valentine’s Day will not equal boxes of chocolate. Now that Dan bought me a ring, he says he’s covered on gifts for the rest of my life, so I think I’m safe. 🙂 But there is that 75% off sale the day after…

Finally, I just bought a Fitbit One with my tax return, so I’m challenging myself to get outside and go for some long walks to increase my step count. And obviously my health as well. Find me and we can be Fitbit friends!

What are some of your goals this month?? Do you have any tips for me on accomplishing mine?

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