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So January was a month full of ups and downs. Dan and I got engaged, but we also had a death in the family. There were a few 50 degree days, but there was also a blizzard with three feet of snow.

My monthly goals suffered their own highs and lows this January. Here’s what I was attempting to accomplish:

2015 Monthly Goals - January

I did read 4 books, as well as several wedding magazines that were the size and weight of books. The first book I read was a guilty pleasure, and I will tell you, but get your judgey pointer finger ready and cue the laughter. Are we ready?


Amber is one of MTV’s Teen Moms. How would you feel about me if I told you I also watch Pretty Little Liars? This book was as bad as you would expect it to be, both in content and in writing style, but there’s something about getting a peek into someone else’s life that I really enjoy. Which leads me to book #2:


I saw rave reviews for this book by bloggers who had been gifted an early copy. When it finally became available to the rest of us, I snatched it up on my Nook app immediately and finished it within a few days. I loved loved LOVED this book and am recommending it to you also. It’s not just a diet story, and I think many people can relate, but even if you can’t, her writing will suck you in anyway.

The third book I read was gifted to me to help with wedding planning. At this point, I’ve read so many things about wedding planning that I feel like I could write my own. While there were some good ideas and checklists in this, most of the information is very traditional and slightly outdated (it talks about getting the “film” from your photographer).

Dan’s grandmother loaned me the last book and it came with a great review. Her and her friends couldn’t put it down, and while it isn’t something I would normally pick up to read on my own, I also found myself getting really into it. It’s a bit of a history lesson, but it’s a great story and I’m interested in reading more of her books. I think it’s also being developed into a TV mini-series this year.


As far as creating a night time routine, I don’t think the word “routine” can really be applied yet. I would say I successfully washed my face and flossed my teeth before bed about 1/3 of the nights this month. While it’s not great, it’s more than the teeth-brushing followed by an immediate face plant into a pillow that I usually do. I’m going to keep working on this one.

And finally, never EVER set a goal to eat less sugar during a month when you are hosting a sweet swap for your friends. That was terrible planning on my part. Not to mention all of the Christmas candy that was still around and the celebratory engagement drinks. I’m not going to pretend like I climbed Mount Everest or anything, but the fact that I didn’t develop diabetes this month is accomplishment enough for me.

Stay tuned for February’s goals! I’m off to apply some eye cream and floss all that sugar away.

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